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Is it “number” or “amount”?

OK…this is not a technical post, it’s a word choice post.

I’m going to let you all in on one of my pet peeves … it seems that too many people who write about technology don’t know the difference between the words “number” and “amount”. A couple of examples:

  • What is the amount of NICs in that server?
  • The amount of TB of storage is surprising.
  • The amount of ways the problem can be solved…
  • The number of RAMs in servers today is amazing.

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HyTrust Appliance: Community Edition

Today, HyTrust is releasing the Community Edition of their HyTrust Appliance. The HyTrust Appliance comes in two different formats: a physical appliance and a virtual appliance. Either gets inserted between your administrative users and your virtual infrastructure (see my earlier post for more details).

The HyTrust Appliance Community Edition is a full-featured virtual appliance that allows you to manage up to three ESX hosts. This is a great way for smaller organizations to gain the benefits of centralized authentication, consistent security configuration, and greatly enhanced auditability. It also gives organizations of all sizes the chance to “kick the tires” on the product to see if it fits their needs. All of this in a totally FREE product (well, you do have to register…).

Quoting from the Press Release:

Pricing & Availability

HyTrust Appliance, Community Edition is now available for download now as a pre-built, VMware-compatible virtual appliance to members of HyTrust Community. To join the community free of charge, go to Support for Community Edition is provided by the Community via online forum participation and direct community member interaction.

This is a great opportunity – join the HyTrust Community and download the HyTrust Appliance Community Edition today. It will simplify your life, no matter how small (or large) your environment!


Ken Cline Joins VMware

Hi all,

I wanted to take a minute and let everyone know that I have accepted a position as a Senior Consultant at VMware (actually started 27 April). I am working in the Professional Services Organization (PSO) and will be focusing on customers in the Federal Civil Sector, primarily in the Washington, DC area.

I want to let you know this so that you know where I’m coming from when I write here – although please do understand that this is my PERSONAL blog and anything that shows up here is my PERSONAL opinion. I do not have the authority (nor the desire) to speak on behalf of my employer, so if I say it, it’s because it conforms to “Virtualization according to Ken” – not “Virtualization according to VMware”!

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll try to make the content here worth your time, so stop by every once in a while to see what I’ve cooked up!


My FIRST Blog Post

OK, so all my friends have been trying to get me to start blogging – here goes!

We’ll start with some background on me. That will help you decide whether there’s any reason to believe what I post here.

I’ve been using technology to help get the job done since I was in high school. Back then, I was working on a (then antique!) IBM 402 accounting machine – and yes, I did ‘program’ them with those control panels!

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