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Recently, I’ve been doing some blogging over on Google+. It’s an interesting platform with lots of potential. I think one of the biggest things that’s missing is a robust formatting capability. Anyway, I’m likely to keep both blogs alive, so jump over there and see what’s cooking!

vKen.Cline does virtual


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One response to “See my other content on Google+”

  1. Mike Pritchard says :

    I just finished reading your great vswitch debate. It has been helpful in understanding the VMWare config. I still have some questions if you don’t mind? I have 4 ESXi servers and a stack of Netgear GS748TS switches. Each servers is set up with 8 pNIC’s. I want to set up each server to have 4 pNIC’s in two of the switches. I have set them up using “route based” and “Link status” and then also set up the 8 combined ports on the stack using LAG. As soon as I do this, my whole vSphere server does not communicate. I take them down and it goes back. When I take them down, I also remove the additional 4 ports on the second switch.

    I am trying to set up redundancy in my switches but can’t seem to get the configuration correct. What would you suggest?
    Thanks for any feedback that you may give.

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