HyTrust Appliance: Community Edition

Today, HyTrust is releasing the Community Edition of their HyTrust Appliance. The HyTrust Appliance comes in two different formats: a physical appliance and a virtual appliance. Either gets inserted between your administrative users and your virtual infrastructure (see my earlier post for more details).

The HyTrust Appliance Community Edition is a full-featured virtual appliance that allows you to manage up to three ESX hosts. This is a great way for smaller organizations to gain the benefits of centralized authentication, consistent security configuration, and greatly enhanced auditability. It also gives organizations of all sizes the chance to “kick the tires” on the product to see if it fits their needs. All of this in a totally FREE product (well, you do have to register…).

Quoting from the Press Release:

Pricing & Availability

HyTrust Appliance, Community Edition is now available for download now as a pre-built, VMware-compatible virtual appliance to members of HyTrust Community. To join the community free of charge, go to http://www.hytrust.com/community/register. Support for Community Edition is provided by the Community via online forum participation and direct community member interaction.

This is a great opportunity – join the HyTrust Community and download the HyTrust Appliance Community Edition today. It will simplify your life, no matter how small (or large) your environment!



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3 responses to “HyTrust Appliance: Community Edition”

  1. rj says :

    Nice post!

    So would hyTrust be a replacement for vcenter? I am a little new to vmware, and to control 3 esx hosts can I use or would you recommend hytrust over vcenter?


    • Ken Cline says :


      No, HyTrust is not a replacement for vCenter. It would be used between vCenter and your ESX hosts to enable centralized logging of all activities performed via vCenter, ssh, the VIC or the web interface. HyTrust – in and of itself – is not a management appliance. It is a monitoring and compliance appliance that would be used in conjunction with your existing management tool set.


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