Ken Cline Joins VMware

Hi all,

I wanted to take a minute and let everyone know that I have accepted a position as a Senior Consultant at VMware (actually started 27 April). I am working in the Professional Services Organization (PSO) and will be focusing on customers in the Federal Civil Sector, primarily in the Washington, DC area.

I want to let you know this so that you know where I’m coming from when I write here – although please do understand that this is my PERSONAL blog and anything that shows up here is my PERSONAL opinion. I do not have the authority (nor the desire) to speak on behalf of my employer, so if I say it, it’s because it conforms to “Virtualization according to Ken” – not “Virtualization according to VMware”!

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll try to make the content here worth your time, so stop by every once in a while to see what I’ve cooked up!



About Ken Cline

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8 responses to “Ken Cline Joins VMware”

  1. Carlo says :

    Congratulations on your new position Ken.


  2. David says :

    Congrats on the new position.

    Although. to be honest it doesnt matter where you work, as long as you keep up the excellent articles. I am still taking in the great vswitch debate


  3. Ernest says :

    Congrats on your new position.

    I really enjoyed your Debate on Virtual Switch.
    Have fun at VMware.


    • Ken Cline says :

      Thanks, Ernest! The start has been a blast. I’m at the worldwide field organization technical summit. Meeting a great group of people and learning about some great new technology…what’s not to like!

  4. C Stewart says :

    Congratulations on the PSO appointment!

    I wasn’t aware of your site before but was looking at Eric Gray’s vLaunchPad when I stumbled across you in the top 20

    I’m now going to spend some time catching up on the 8 parts of the great switch debate.



  5. Omer Ansari says :

    Congratulations Ken on the Vmware position. Hope your new role will not inhibit you from publishing more great posts to this blog..

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